studio friday {inspiration} & HAPPY birthday!


first and foremost...happy birthday to studio friday!
what a great year it has been,so many thanks to tine for the
splendid idea and to all of those who share their 2 cents every
week.....the truest inspiration!
on a daily basis i am inspired by many things,i feel really
blessed to be able to absorb all that comes to me and use it
in creative ways.color,nature,family,friends,objects,spaces,places,
music,words,things and feelings~the good,the bad & the ugly,sometimes
the inspiration flows freely other times,not so much...but i
know that is all part of the process and i am a willing participant
waiting to soak it all up!

STUDIO inspired here!


Hanna said...

great post!

heidi said...

i love your photo collages...THEY inspire ME!


andea said...

Great collage! Happy bday SF...I love being a part of this group too.

sf said...

Hey Baby!
I love it! Your latest photo mosaic collage.
They always inspire this MORE IS TRULY MORE girl!

JUST ME said...

Another great post.....

Lovin it...


Marianne said...

Beautiful post!! I love being a participant in SF. Tine is a great inspirator and SF and all it's participants are like you said an inspiration in itself.

So thanks for sharing your inspiration :-)

Joy Eliz said...

how fantastic!!! What a great post! I love the picture of Tine.

kelly said...

happy birthday are such an INSPIRATION to me, that
is for sure. what a blessing sf
is to so many

naomi said...

Great images, amazing isn't it, all the inspiration around us.

ScrapHappy said...

Love that picture of Tine! So cute!
what a terrific topic.

la vie en rose said...

love the collage!

wynlen said...

Lots of inspiration here. I love that photo of Tine - that's very inspiring.

Sarah Beth Scott said...

Happy Birthday to Studio Friday! Thanks again for letting me participate!

Tine said...

OMG, denise, thank you so much for celebrating!!!
I am giving you all a biiig cyber hug!! What a fun year this has been, such a joy!! You guys are all so incredible!!! :-))

Love your collage, such wonderfully inspiring images!!!! Just beautiful!


P.S. hehe, me dipping my finger in paint is from one of the SFs from Playtime actually one Friday. ;-)

wendy said...

great the collages.