paper rocks our world!

oh ok...paper,rubber,fiber,clay,good company& great music
....many lovely things rock our world at rock,paper,scissors!
all you midwesterners and everybody else who hasn't stopped in
...whatcha waitin' for!?
a destination,an experience not to be missed! this shop is owned...
coool historic building(on funky historic main street) and all,by a
beautiful young family dedicated to creating a welcoming,happy,
stress-free environment for all who walk through the 100+ year old door!
since the shop has opened in november,corey has lovingly and thoughtfully
started filling the place with only the most fabulous treasures of papers,
unmounted rubber sheets from her childhood bestfriend,christelle la chappelle
aka olive wimple,mounted rubberstamps of all artsy sorts,books,embellishments
and best of all,to this critic,corey sells wares from local artisans and has some
very dynamic workshops planned for the future....and other good things are in the
works...i will keep you posted,of that you can be sure!
after spending time with corey yesterday,chatting about life and the pursuit of paper
and ribbons for todays "cool composition notebook" workshop,i ran off to b&n to buy
some music that i have been wanting:
*james blunt "back to bedlam"(oops,the explicit version,my bad)
....this guy reallly reminds me of an old favorite of mine mick hucknall of simply red,
i got their new cd,"simplified",a few weeks ago...simply wonderful!
*madeleine peyroux's "dreamland"...i believe her first,but just as hypnotic as this.
*the wailin' jennys "40 days"...folk angels,my new favorite.
*neil young "harvest"...i was feeling nostalgic,it was a MUCH simpler time then.......track one.
*syd matters "syd matters" this b&n exclusive is a MUST HAVE!
met tom for a great dinner and his good humor at tony's........
THEN!the cherry on top of the creamy day, when i got home the coveted padded manila envelope was waiting for me!
angelica, had sent this gorgeous card to me with the sweetest sentiment attached and
a bag stuffed with fabulous embellisments,emphasis on flowers!!! so lucky to have you as a nice to be thought of so kindly.thank~you.
a most enjoyable yesterday.....


Artist in Progress said...

D, your description of the store makes me want to hop a train, boat or plane to get there and I will, I promise, I want to see your town and the store and YOU. Great music choices, lovely card your friend sent. I am glad you got the 'nasty' version of James Blunt, I am not sure I know this fellow. I was afraid that the Outcast music on the cd I sent you would be to 'nasty' but it worked. LOL You rock, 2

Violetswalk said...

Denise, Have you checked out The Little Willies? Fun little band that includes Norah Jones. I can't stop listening to this one.

andea said...

Look at all of your amazing things!! WOWWWWW! I could just gaze at it all day.

MB Shaw said...

I just got the Little Willies too and it is terrific. I think you would like it a lot and I am going to follow your suggestions as well. I am also wondering how you get these Amazon links to work as I cannot make them work on my blog, arghh. And it is pissing me off.

lindaharre said...

d. i am off this next week for spring do i find this shop and are you going to be working? a friend and i are going to lunch tuesday and st. charles is always a good option! is there a chance you will be working? went to angelica's demo at R.L. today and finally met her! she is as sweet in person as the person i have been corresponding with! love this blogging!!! you meet the nicest people:) ~L.

firstborn studio said...

mb and kelly,
i had the little willies in my hand,cause i love norah,but had to draw the line somewhere(why,oh,why?!)
i love the cover for that cd and i will pick that one up is next on my list!
marybeth...just go to the album you are wanting to link up with on amazon,b&n or wherever,copy(right click)address,then paste into the hyperlink when you are creating a post in blogger...its that little green world looking thingy,i can't get much more technical than that! let me know if it works for you!

firstborn studio said...

c....i love a good foul word scattered about now and then!so far as i can tell there are only two of them on this cd....and that is supposed to be explicit? hmmmm.

the guest room awaits your do i!

love ya!