inspire me thursday...the senses

"meadow beauty"approx.5x5 shadowbox with highly altered & embellished cabinet card

"This week's challenge involves some sensory exploration:
Can you use all five of your senses in your creative process?"

See.i see a different angle at which to prop the cabinet card
in the too small shadowbox...instead of cutting it down and loosing any part
of the card i leaned it against the back of the box and i am pleased
with the juxtaposition!
Touch. i covered the box with sticky,silky smooth molding paste,sanded,
then used generous amounts of glitter and mirrored glass shards...with a
minimum of punctures!
Smell. molding paste,coffee and a botanicus candle in "sugar pear".
Hear. music of astrud gilberto's finest hour and sand paper in motion
Taste. a heady flavor of accomplishment!

this little box is a thank-you gift for linda,for putting a big smile on my face
and joy in my heart! priceless feelings!

inspire me thursday


heidi said...

gorgeous, just gorgeous...just like you!


JUST ME said...

Linda will be very happy to receive this beautiful gift.....



Kaleidoscopic Kris said...

Beautiful creation, and so nicely photographed and presented-- how it sparkles!

Deb said...


Oh, lucky Linda~ This is beautiful. I wish I could see it in person. I love how you "leaned" the card to the box! Your art is always such a pleasure!


Sofia Barao said...

I've reading your blog and everything is so inspiring :) Wanna wish you a happy international woman day :)

lindaharre said...

OMG is wonderful! i didn't send you that to receive a gift in are such a doll! can't wait to see it in person:)

la vie en rose said...


firstborn studio said...

dearest linda!
i know that you didn't send me that gorgeous tote with any expectations,which made it all the more inspiring to me...and so i was compelled to create something sweet for you! i will send it out by this friday!

Laura said...

I just went to Amazon to listen to Astrud Gilberto. Wow! Good Stuff! I addd it to my wish list. Thanks for the tip! I had never heard of her by name. I heard her sing The girl from Impenema (sp), but did not know anything else.

Sarah e.Smith said...

What a beautiful piece...i love the colors! I love using shadowboxes as well :)

andea said...

This is wonderful! Really beautiful piece.
Excellent job dear!

Becky said...

If only those people who posed for all those pics way back then had any idea that they have provided such inspiration for so many people... And so many hours of laughs, too! >;-)

tiffinix said...

Gorgeous, very - very beautiful. And the photo of it as well. Wow. I adore how it is photographed! [ =

sf said...

Denise, what a good explanation of "How you did it".
You are a born teacher.
We must talk. . .

melba said...

I have been admiring your work. You have such an interesting perspective; not just with this piece. Your work is very creative and unique.

Artist in Progress said...

Love it, the sparkle and the photograph is so unique, just like u.