inspire me thursday (sense-less art part two)

the end product..."springtime gals" atc's {denise lombardozzi}

alrighty the process goes like this:
my friend pat,found this mag that our friend karyl told us
about at the journal salon meeting this month. great mag!
after seeing an article in there featuring the ideas used by
emily falconbridge i knew it was only a matter of time
before i incorporated them into my art,with my twist.
THEN,after seeing marybeth demo her paste paper
technique at the aaa meeting last week,i was chomping
at the bit to combine the two!
SO when inspire me thursday threw down this challenge
of "senseless art"...hmmm,i ran with it,trying to figure out
HOW i could pull this off without using my senses.
i sat in a verrrry dimly lit room at night without my glasses,
so i couldn't see when i sat down and covered a 12x12 sheet of
scrapbook paper with torn bits of masking tape and it was hard
to feel where i was putting them...if i was even getting them on
the paper.....i did this without benefit of my usual music playing
or candle burning and i didn't have my coffee,either! SENSELESS!
ok,that was the senseless part.
the lights came on,leonard cohen blaired from the speakers,the scent
of my sugar pear candle began to fill the air and the coffee swigging
resumed as i then grabbed my green gold acrylic paint sans the paste
stuff to create my version of mb's paste paper was a
joyous event...i have not created senseless art for a long time,i had
finished up a big deadline and was ready to just i did!
the end result: i cut the 12x12 sheet into atc's (12!),then i stitched
images of "girlfriends" that i found at the antique mall on each to create
the "springtime gals" above...ready to give!

thanks,m & M!


JUST ME said...


It's senseless, but truly BEAUTIFULY made..... I am loving these atcs...... Oh and Denise I own some pictures with some of these ladies.... We must have been to booth I think it's #194 at around the same time........

You INSPIRE my ThURsDay.... Angelica

Ellen said...

These are great! Isn't it grand to be sense-less at times?

la vie en rose said...


carla said...

This really turned out to be a splendid and energetic composition! I feel inspired to try something like this...and inspired to use green today.

Violetswalk said...

Denise these are great! I'm glad you didn't use your sewing machine in the dark without your glasses!

Becky said...

love that green- and it looks like you are officially over your bobbin issue (s)- yes?

melanie said...

these are fantastic, Denise! I love the idea of working in a dimly lit room without the glasses, such a surprise when the lights turn on :)

tiffinix said...

This are fabulous - the green and pink is so excellent! I love the splendid sewing lines!

MB Shaw said...

Lovely!!!! The paste paper is really fun isn't it? You are doing a terrific job with it. Play on my friend.

em said...

i LURVE the crazy green and the stitching!! so glad i found this! ;)