can't wait....

...priceless expression....that little grin.
i had my camera ready when i told hannah that i had gotten
tickets to see this here. "NAH-AH!", she said in that voice.
we are heading to the matinee on will be all new to
me,except for the music of which i know,because that is all i
hear anymore blaring from h's room....a welcome change from
some of the other music of late! anyway,i am debating wether to
watch the movie first or wait until after....anybody?


lindaharre said...

What a sweet mommy! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! wow. ~L.
P.s. I personally like to know the story line first so it is all clear when i see it on the BIG STAGE! I remember taking my mom to see Evita.......she was lost through most of it! I, on the other hand could recite each song word for word....a little annoying i might add, but i had ridges in the L.P. from excessive use:)

sf said...

WOW! How swell for you too!
I will be there perched over your shoulder, in my dreams!!

Deb said...

What a doll! Lordy, my son would go bonkers! LOL

As for "Les Mis" I am a Broadway junkie (& a musical theatre major) & this is by far the best musical anyone could ever see! You will cry a thousand times, be blown away a thousand times, and never be the same again.
My hubby & I managed to snarf up (we were lucky) the original in London on opening night, & we still talk about it! My son loves it (this from a 17 year old - nothing phases me, I'm a teenager), & we STILL listen to the CD all the time.
You daughter will eat it up and so will you. It will be an experience the two of you can share forever.
Can't wait to hear how much you loved it!
P.S. See the movie AFTER the show. That's my advice.

Becky said...

Hannah- you are lookin' cute! Have fun bonding with your mother. >:-)
Kelly's fave activity!

la vie en rose said...

look at that face! pure joy! can't wait to here how it goes. i bet it will be a wonderful time!

JUST ME said...

What a great mom you are..... Sorry I can't say anything about Les Miserables.... Hope you both have a blast and bond, bond, bond!!!!!!

Hannah you look just like your mom..... Beautiful and I am loving the hair........