studio friday {FeAR}

fear du jour

here it is the saturday before my very favorite holiday
and i have not even begun to make my valentines yet. i have
assembled some of the elements and there they sit...taunting
me..reminding me. fear steps in and paralyzes...then at zero
hour it usually motivates me,but at what cost? stay tuned.

STuDio FRidAy


Becky said...

i have no fear that something fab will come of this pile o' goodies!

JUST ME said...

OOOOHHHHHHHH love those valentine goodies....... Can't wait to see what you conjure up.


katie said...

i can SO relate to the 'fear' and paralysis we face with our art at times...i'm always thankful when it passes. as always i love your work and the spirit that shines through it!

andea said...

Love those stamps...can't wait to see the finished product!

steph said...

your place will be hoppin' on the 13th! I love it! I'm a fellow procrastinator :)

heidi said...

everything you create is dynamite! i know that whatever you dream up will be 100% authentically DENISE! and wonderful!

love ya,

kelly said...

oh...that getting started
step. i hate that part!
i can't way to see your finished

go get'em girlie!

Ellen said...

I'm bettin' that you'll get a burst of energy and inspiration and turn that pile of "stuff" into a stack of fantastic valentines!

lindaharre said...

d, why is it that so many artists do their best work under pressure? Here's to the last minute push!!!!!!

la vie en rose said...

can't wait to see what all those goodies become. i'm sure it will be something fabulous!!!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

That is a huge fear of mine as well; doing something and not doing it well; then losing my cool stuff that i have pulled together. I am sure it looks wonderful - will you be posting the outcome soon?