the reading room/cocoon

a safe haven.since andy moved out a year ago,i have turned
this spare room into a place for reading,napping,thinking,crying
& dreaming.
and on those nights (all to often) when the hot flash rules and
my dh is loudly,i can slip in here,throw open the window
at will and toss and turn to my hearts content.nice.

i had to have these when i spotted them in the pottery barn catalog.
the possibilities are,no?!


nina said...

denise, thanks for your words of encouragement! and, i loved the year of magical thinking - read it before my own time of great loss - a fortuitous read that was great solace in later months.
take care. xo

Ellen said...

We all need that safe haven, a place of peace and comfort. Yours looks absolutely lovely.....and I think I am about to head to my nest for a bit...

lindaharre said...

great peaceful! mellow! i could lose a couple hours in here with NO problem!

Linda said...

Denise, when can I move in?

kelly said...

wow...lucky girl. that is a sweet retreat. every girl needs a haven like that!

how about some aveda candles to really top it off. happy week!

Becky said...

i'm on the list at the lib for this joan didion book- almost afraid to read it. what did you think of it? B

firstborn studio said...

i have just started it...i'll let you know!

la vie en rose said...

i want to come enjoy your gorgeous room. it is so inviting and feminine. i love it. i love the framed dream!

JUST ME said...

Great roooommmm to escape toooo..... Can I come over....????


Violetswalk said...

Where did you get that lamp!!!! That is gorgeous!
Kelly F

MizCarla said...

Hi Punkin,
Can I come stay in this room? It looks so comfy and peaceful!!!

missing you tons
must tell me when a good time to call is. I'm having DL withdrawals!

much love,

thesoulofhope said...

what a wonderful room! I love it!

mary said...

Denise-I could easily just live in that room!! I had to enlarge the photo of the stack of books-looks like I own most of them but I am intrigued by the one titled Paper Details...what is that??Is it something I NEED to have?
mary walmer