perfectly matched

ds tony w/ gf lauren.
lauren flew in from philly to "meet the parents" this weekend.
she is precious and genuine and is perfectly suited to tony. he
is so happy.....that is all i want for my be happy.
lauren painted the very cool "tony" canvas above top left & center,
she is an amazing artist,whaddaya think?! the center image
was taken in the photobooth at the city museum,the outside
shots are on the loop and the purpley,reddish collage was a gift
from me to lauren...she loved it!


la vie en rose said...

ohhhhhh...what a big weekend. meeting the parents. i feel the excitement and the butterflies.

JUST ME said...

TO be young again and in Like/Love.

Makes me think of my first love...


lindaharre said...

Isn't it GREAT to like the girl that is stealing the heart of your son! And to have so much in common with your art will give you a bond that many don't have! Happy for you! Linda

melanie said...

what a cool montage of photos and fabulous art! you're such a cool mom :)

heidi said...

sounds like this weekend was mucho fun! she looks like she fits right in!


Misty Mawn said...

I love these pictures!!! I Love the middle pictures and how it draws me in! They look so happy!
...Great Painting!!!