spt [personal history]

irene charlotte & richard roe my paternal grandparents...
he was a sailor,a chauffeur for the wealthy and a steelworker.
he was an amazing athlete and played soccer into his adulthood,
he fiercely loved all of his children(5) and grandkids(21)...he called me
"sweetie kid".
she was the sweeeetest,most loving,gentle and kind woman you would
ever want to meet.she wielded a mean crochet hook and made tons
of granny square afghans...one for each grandkid and each great grand
baby(48) came home from the hospital bundled in one,with matching
hats,sweaters & booties.why,oh why did i not pay closer attention when
she taught me how to crochet way back when?!
and they were beautiful to look at...they both had the most gorgeous
bone structures...i miss looking at them....and being in their presence.


heidi said...

what lookers! and they sound so wonderful...

now we know where you get your good looks and charm!


JUST ME said...

I dido heidi. Love their photographs..........

Artist in Progress said...

What lovely people, Heidi was right that is where your looks, charm and stenght comes from.


melanie said...

what lovely photos... and so nice to hear about the people in them!

Linda said...

You're lucky to have such AWESOME photos of them.

la vie en rose said...

absolutely beautiful! wow! what wonderful memories and such precious pics.

Violetswalk said...

Such a beautiful family!!! Vintage photos of family are such treasures!

Kelly F

Kim Carney said...

Those are just beautiful!