my beautiful family

a bunch of mom & pop,grandma,sibs,offspring
and hangers on!
a good time was had by all at our annual Christmas gathering,
everyone was on their best behavior and in fine form...i love it
when that happens!
grateful & blessed,


la vie en rose said...

beautiful family!

Becky said...

wow! that looks like fun. really...

heidi said...

what a great day you all must have had!

we missed you yesterday, but i can tell that the party you attended was where it was at!


kel said...

looks like fun ta me! i love being with family for the holidays! love ya mommy 3!

Christine said...

"everyone was on their best behavior and in fine form..."

LOL! Always a good thing!! You have a BEAUTIFUL family -- I love the pic of your grandma and the baby!!!

sf said...

your family is perfectly loverly & everyone looks like they are having a holiday to remember.
luv ya lotz.