no spt,only this shameless plug...

late last night,almost into the wee hours...on kel's birthday
no less,becky and i met for the last time before the sale this
saturday to put the finishing touches on each of our lovingly
handcrafted items that will be up for grabs....and i must say,
i think,there will be plenty to go around....we are little,obsessed
paper craft junkies apparently and all that goes with
come and get your one of a kind,limited edition,to die for fierberg/
lombardozzi treasures this saturday at the monday
day only!


la vie en rose said...

you have been a very busy girl. can't wait to read how the sale goes. wish i lived close enough to come and help myself to some of your treasures.

Becky said...

did you happen to notice how our lips are glistening with that impulse buy peppomint lipmoisture-izer glosser....what babes! crafting babes! that's it! :-)

ntuart said...

can't wait until the sale to see all of your goodies! with your 2 creative genius minds you crafting babes have i bet the results are superlicious!

Christine said...

That's the cutest picture ever!!! ;)