i am reminded.....

it seems strange,when i think of it,that God is most vivid
to my consciousness when i am in the depths of despair,
and all i can say to Him is :"God help me!"
& He does help us when we turn to Him in our great need,
for "man's extremity is God's opportunity". an equally
imperative reason for prayer is to acknowledge our
gratitude.gratitude is in itself a wholesome and
healing force and it becomes all more real when we make it
a regular part of our prayers.

today's reminder
i will keep myself aware of the many blessings that come
to me each day and remember to be thankful for them.

"you pray in your distress and in your need;
would that you might pray also in the
fullness of your joy."
~kahlil gibran


MizCarla said...

wow denise being thankful to GOD was the message in both my sunday school lesson and the sermon.

more mind meling :D

love ya toots and I am very grateful for your friendship!


kelly said...

amen amen amen....
what a heartfelt, full of
grace entry.

i am such a huge kahlil gibran
fan. i have his book [the prophet] and go back through it when i need a bit of inspiration.
and today while cleaning out a closet - i found some note cards that i made with this...

And the youth said, "speak to me
of friendship. and he answered
saying: he is your field which you
sow with love and reap of
thanksgiving. and he is your
board and your fireside. for you
come to him with your hunger, and
you seek him for peace...
kahlil gibran

JUST ME said...


This morning as I was getting ready for the day I honestly was thinking that my blog should have an entry all it's own thanking GOD for everything around me...... I always write about friends or family, but the one person that DESERVES all my thanks and praise and love is GOD because he has always been there for me. GOD that is all good and all knowing and all loving.......

GOD bless us all and thanks to him for ALL and everything.



la vie en rose said...

beautiful true words. thank you. the pic is lovely.