studio friday/invented tool

"Does anybody have an art tool that they have invented
because what they needed just didn't exist? Or perhaps,
they didn't have the tool necessary so they have adapted
something else. Might be interesting."

yep,here it is....after seeing shirley nachtrieb demonstrate ages ago
how to make fab marbled papers with shaving cream & reinkers,
i ran home to make this loose variation of the tool she used.
what this block of wood and crooked nails lacks in beauty,
it way makes up for in works like a champ!

see more invented tools here!


sharon wisely said...

Hey Girlfriend..I must have missed that demo..that thing looks like it could be dangerous!

la vie en rose said... inventive of you...

Hanna said...

Nice and sturdy tool, I tried to do something similar but out of paper and matches when making marbeled paper, but it didn't effect the result so I guess I must chose a better tool and other colours next time!

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

How does this work?? I would love to see the results!

Becky said...

looks like it should be on display in the tower of london with the other torture devices from long ago---
(one of the highlights of my trip!)

Bea said...

Yes, now I´m curious how you make that marbled paper! And, of course, how it looks! ;-)