"Transparent Art"

I am very happy to have been included as a featured
artist in this upcoming book by Somerset Studios/Stampington!
I will have an article and pieces throughout the book! Very cool!


The hottest trend in papercrafts and mixedmedia, Transparent Art™
showcases the exciting versatility of transparencies –
also known as acetate in artwork.
Discover a vast array of innovative projects with instructions
on how to incorporate stamped, painted, sewn, cut, and even
burned transparencies to achieve incredible results. Learn from
well known artists who show how these diversely treated transparencies
can be fused into a variety of artwork including ATCs, shrines,
art quilts, collages, cards, journals, and much more.
From simple to sophisticated, from jewelry and altered books to
scrapbook pages, purses and more, transparencies will bring an imaginative
layer of creativity to your artwork!
Nina Bagley,Angela Cartwright,Nancy Curry,Sarah Fishburn,Jill Haddaway,
Jen Osborn,DJ Pettitt,Michelle Ward,Lisa Cook...and many, many more!

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ntuart said...

I am SO excited for you! How cool is that! Does not surprise me though, you art is beautimus!