the last 24 hours

pages for a skinny book...
using belinda's classroom instruction & helga's new hats
...i made these pages for the artchix july contest.

last night at the american art alliance meeting i
officially became the program director,the job is this...
i will gather artists throughout the next year to come to
the monthly meetings to demonstrate their craft,the less
than two hour demo will pay $50! any takers? i will be in
touch with some of you!
annie asked me to demo last night,so i chose to show & tell
artist trading cards..."artist trading cards 101" as it were,
i brought my big,fat binder full of cards and my atc book
by somerset and 2 baskets full of supplies so that everyone
could make their own was a big success, as most of
the artists there had only briefly heard of this phenomenon!
we will be planning swaps & "play"sessions for the group in the
near future!


Carla N. said...

Sounds like fun. I wish I lived closer :( I told Marie the other day my goal before next winter is to get to RED LEAD!! ;D

love your skinny pages.
ps: here is the link to Marie's blog

Marie O said...

Nice to find you here too! Great artwork as always.

ntuart said...

Sounds like fun! How do you find all of these groups and swaps?