Collage Cat Zine....i'm on the cover!

i am verrry happy and honored to be the cover
artist for this issue of the collage cat zine! when i
sent a scan of this to carla ( the zine cat ), i thought
she may consider it for the gallery section...i didn't
imagine it would end up on the COVER! how cooool
is that?! very cool.
i have been able to stretch my creative wings and
flex my artistic muscles
because of carla,ccz and the dezign team that is
made up of these supreme artists:

i'm on the cover!


Sharon Wisely said...

hey Girlfriend! How cool?
VERY Cooool!

Anonymous said...

This is so cool, Denise. I can't wait to get my copy.-Theresa
livejournal user: tofarawayplaces

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Too, too cool! Congrats! I have missed the last couple of issues--I need to get back into the groove--I have been in too much of a funk!



Tatterededge said...

Coolio! Carla is sending me a copy so I will get to peruse all the wonderment! YAY you!!