the mia circle journey

it has been weeks,hinging on months
since i gave my studio a goooooooood
cleaning and going over.well yesterday
was the pile at a time i
began to rediscover my art table,all
of the colorwashes are back in their
proper slots as are the "neat" little rows
of rubber stamps,stacks of papers and
assorted embellishments.
to my horror i found the circle journey
journal that i thought my art sis,carol,had.
i have lost track of how long it must have
been here by now...could this be fall out from
a harried holiday season,do i have too much
on my plate or do i blame it on age? what ever
the i am turning over a new leaf,
first things first,one day at a time and all that
no nonsense rot!

soooo sorry,carol! i'm on it,girlfriend!

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