from barb

...i was given this sweet postcard by my
friend,barb. she was out & about antiquing
with her husband,denny,when she spotted this
and thought of me....thanks,barb! i love it!
it was sent to miss lizzy walker in liberty,illinois
in 1907 from her friend nina...the note enclosed
in the teeny envelope reads...
"dear lizzie,
i did not get to town last week.....
there hasn't been any wedding up there
yet has there? there is going to be another
picnic at beverly next thursday,i am not
going till afternoon.and there is going to be
a circus here at barry friday. tell susie i
will send her a card the next time i go to
town.we are going to have a big time here
at the carnival.
i have a postcard album,it holds 62 cards
i have 49 cards.well goodbye
from nina"
on the back of the postcard nina says
"the picture on this does not represent me
ha!ha! look iside the envelope"...

sweet postcard

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Anonymous said...

Oh. That card is so sweet. I love stuff like that! Half the coolness of old postcards are the messages on the back. Don't you wonder what those people were like? What a ncie gift!! Danielle