rage the page true colors round robin

we are nearing the end of this thoroughly rewarding round robin, it should be another couple of months before my sepia journal arrives back home to me and i am at the ready to embrace the art in it! these are the terrific friends who will have contributed their work in my book and the color/s that they were...

  1. theresa hall/ocean
  2. kathy wasilewski/red
  3. amy schramm/hot pink&lime green
  4. mary walmer/orange&berry
  5. patti monroe-mohrenweiser/rust
  6. mary boyer/gold
  7. jenifer swanson/spice
  8. carolyn bogdahn/metallics
  9. mary duan/urban decay
  10. lisa guerin/autumn
  11. rhonda scott/green&bronze
  12. lisa gallup/white
  13. becky new/grape&olive

i have scanned all of the pages that i have created in these books and made an album for them on my picturetrail...i have yet to work in rhonda's or lisa ga's...anyway...the work can be seen here on my picturetrail! hope that you will take a look :->

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